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2013: New York and North Carolina Artist Priscilla Wallace comments on two workshops in which she participated.

2009: New York Professor Steven M. Specht, Chairman of the Department of Psychology at Utica College in upstate New York, writes about his experience as a participant in a workshop held in Jonathan's studio.

2009: New York Food is an important part of the workshops held in Jonathan's studio. Read about it here.

2008: New York Robin Colodzin of Rockport, Massachusetts writes about her experience as a participant in a workshop held in Jonathan's studio.

2008: Oregon In February of 2008, nearly seven years after attending a workshop in southern Oregon, Darlene Kruse sent an unsolicited e-mail about how the workshop had contributed to her success.

2006: Virginia Eric Singdahlsen's letter about his experience in a workshop presented jointly by Katie Dell Kaufman and Jonathan Talbot

2005: Chicago Artist Lindel Distel describes how many of the artists who participated in a workshop held near Chicago found it to be an opportunity for creative networking and community-building.

2003: Minnesota Cathy Steffke's thank you note written two years after she participated in a workshop in New York Mills, Minnesota.

2003: Connecticut & New Jersey Artist and Interior Designer Donna Brien never made it to a workshop but she did attend two Talbot lecture-demonstrations and, as her account reveals, proved to be a quick learner.

2003: Texas Workshop participant Vikk Simms writes about the experience of her friend Jennifer Zoch Selewach who also participated in the workshop.

2002: Kansas At the invitation of Professor Lynda Andrus of Kansas State University, Jonathan Talbot presented a lecture and a collage workshop at the Beech Museum of Art. The workshop had ninety participants. Click Here to see pictures of the workshop and read a letter written by Professor Andrus after the workshop.

2000: Montreal, Quebec This unsolicited "review" of a Talbot Workshop in Montreal was posted to the "altered books" list at yahoo groups by artist Jenny Taliadoros of Kingfield, Maine

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