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Artist Priscilla Wallace, who lives near Hickory, NC, wrote the following e-mail after attending her second workshop with Jonathan, a workshop she herself had arrranged. Reprinted with permission.

From: Priscilla Wallace
Subject: Great Workshops!
Date sent: Thu, 28 Mar 2013

Dear Jonathan,

Your voice is in my head constantly as I work through one canvas to another. I learned enough from you to keep me busy for the rest of my life.

All this began when an announcement of your upcoming workshop in your studio in New York appeared in my e-mail. I had long known of you as America's premier collage artist, and the prospect of working under your tutelage was truly thrilling.

That workshop was in itself beneficial. But the information that would change my focus came from the personal critique you gave one of my pieces and from the hour and a half we spent in your kitchen after the class was over.

About the painting, you said, "Make a number of interpretations of this." About my future in the arts, you said, "Invest your energies in your local arts council. Let them get to know you. Work with them. When a grant comes around, apply for it."

So, upon arriving home, I went to the Burke County Arts Council and joined. I was told about a grant, and I applied. Much to my amazement, I got it. Currently, I am halfway through and will be given a show in October at the Arts Council gallery. I don't know when I've worked so consistently, so so hard, and so well.

Reflecting on how much I owe you, I called my friend at the Hickory Museum of Art and asked if we might have you here. You came and taught a hugely successful two-day workshop. Everyone wants you to come back. Never have I experienced such a profoundly productive and popular workshop. You have a place here, if you can be persuaded to return.

Thank you, thank you for everything, including your time and suggestions by phone when I've recently hit snags. Education is a partnership. If I've provided a willing student, you've provided the teacher who was and is abundantly generous with extensive, relevant knowledge. It will guide me for years to come.



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