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This page contains some brief comments made by past participants in and presenters of
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"I came feeling like a non-Artist/Participant and left feeling like an Artist"
- Sue Mattero, Artist/Participant, Bridgeport, CT

" amazing artist as well as a gifted teacher"
- Cathy Ward, Artist/Participant, Potomac Falls, VA

"Well thought out, spontaneous, enriching..."

-Patricia Aman, Artist/Participant, Spokane, WA

"Thank you for coming to Roseburg and sharing your talent and heart"
-K. Schoenauer, Artist/Participant, Roseburg, OR

"Superb explanation and documentation."
- Kirk Prindle, Artist/Participant, Clinton, WA

"It was a wonderful experience..."

-Dick Ajalat, Artist/Participant, Ormond Beach, FL

"Congratulations on the success of last week's collage workshop!
That your workshop drew participants from Spain, California, Illinois, Washington,
New York and New Jersey as well as from Connecticut is a credit to your talents..."

- Grace Shanley, Director, The Connecticut GraphicArts Center, Norwalk, CT

"Exciting, fun, inspirational!"
-Joyce Rankin, Artist/Participant, Phoenix, AZ

"It really got me working again."

- Annette Legalette, Hillsborough, CA

"The excitement created by this workshop is such a boon to our program"

-Suzanne J. Bethel, Curriculum Development, The Art League School, Alexandria VA

"The best (workshop) I've done here!"
-Unnamed Artist/Participant quoted in a letter from
Jennifer Koenig, Director of Education,
The New Jersey Center for Visual Arts

"What a great workshop...
Bravo to Jonathan and the Connecticut GraphicArts Center"

-Leslie Mueller, Artist/Participant, Greenwich, CT

"The workshop was extremely successful...
Your explanations were clear and informative
and the students caught on to your enthusiasm."

-Marrin Robinson, Professor of Art,
Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT

"My perceptions were expanded and my work enriched
by this exciting two-day experience"

-Tina Blackburn, Artist/Participant, Weston, CT

"Thank you for the extraordinary workshop..."
-Candy Street, Artist/Participant, Seattle, WA

"Very inspiring"
-Anonymous Instructor Evaluation Form,
New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, Summit, NJ

"I hope GAC will have the opportunity to offer
the workshop again in the future."

-Elizabeth Turnock, Director,
The Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY

"I would certainly recommend this workshop to others."
- Mary McClain, Artist/Participant, Portland OR

"...very organized and professional...
I would be happy to recommend your class to anyone..."

-Carol Schwartz, Education Director, The Pacific Art League of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA

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