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Chicago, IL

The following message was was written in January of 2005 by Linda Distel, a participant in a workshop held near Chicago in 2003. Reprinted with permission.

From: Linda Distel
To: Jonathan Talbot
Subject: Would you like to know....

I don't know if you remember I was in the Sept. 2003 workshop in Chicago? Laura Lein-Scrievner and I have been good friends ever since. Most of that workshop group is active in the Midwest Collage Society that Laura started. Our next show in Chicago opens in a couple weeks.

In addition, she and I think you'd like to know that a small group of us from that workshop are scheduled to have our own group show in Santa Fe next Sept. The gallery I'm with in the Milwaukee area introduced me to a gallery owner from Santa Fe, and she asked me to put together a group show. In this group is Terri dee Haugen, Laura, Ann Hupke, Cynthia Lee and myself.

So, one of your many success stories! Please feel free to look in on our website on You're always welcome.....

Cordially, Linda

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