Jonathan Talbot
Workshop Reviews and Comments
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
At left I am shown with Professor Lynda Andrus who invited me to give a lecture-demo and lead a workshop at KSU in October of 2002 as part of the Visiting Artists Program. Neither of us knew that there would be ninety people making collages at the same time. To see how I managed such a large workshop and to read Lynda's comments (written after it was over) scroll down this page.
My visit to Kansas State University consisted of a morning lecture and an afternoon workshop. The pictures below were taken during the workshop.

A workshop with more than ninety people presents some challenges. Using a video camera and projector to project real-time images of the demonstration on the wall makes it possible for the large group to see what is going on.

Visitors as well as KSU students and faculty attended. Folks came from as far as 250 miles away.

The lecture room in KSU's Beach Museum
was an ideal space for the presentation.

The workshop was a shared experience...
...and an individual one.

Participants intent on their creations.
A pleased workshop participant.

Photos: Meredith Moore © 2002

Letter from Professor Andrus written after the workshop:

Kansas State University / Department of Art


December 13, 2002

Jonathan Talbot
7 Amity Rd.
Warwick, NY 10990

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for the outstanding presentation and workshop, "Collage: Medium and Metaphor," you held at Kansas State University. The Beach Museum of Art was an excellent venue for your workshop. Faculty, graduate students, the undergraduate students repeatedly stated how impressed they were with your lecture and workshop. This was the largest number of attendees, with over 100 for the morning lecture and over 90 for the hands-on workshop in the afternoon, that we have ever had at the Beach Museum of Art. This is high praise considering that only top artists are invited to Kansas State University to join the Visiting Artists Program.

The materials you prepared and brought from New York to share with the participants were very generous. You were well organized and facilitated the learning of studnets with the techniques you used to execute your work. The connectioin you made with Joseph Cornell in your presentation corresponded with the class lectures perfectly. The faculty and students not only had fun, they gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from one of the leading artists of collage.

The Department of Art at Kansas State University is honored to have a collage from your Patrin series as part of its permanent collection. This will enhance the education of hundreds of students for years to come. Again, we appreciate your efforts to help further collage education and the fine arts in Kansas.


(Signed) Lynda E. Andrus
Associate Professor of Art
Area Head of 3D Design

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