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Following a workshop held at the Lee Arts Center in Arlington, Virginia which was led jointly by Jonathan Talbot and Katie Dell Kaufman, instructor of collage at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC, Eric Singdahlsen, a participant in the workshop, wrote the following letter
. Reprinted by permission.

Dear Jonathan,

I just wanted to write to thank you for a wonderful experience in the Collage Workshop. It opened up many doors and exposed me to endless possibilities. The adhesion technique is exactly what I have needed; not just for production, but as a means to explore and experiment.

You were generous to sit down with me to talk about art and about educating myself with regard to artists. That conversation alone was an education in itself. Obviously, living near DC affords me an opportunity to visit museums for inspiration and education. I look forward to taking advantage of those resources with a new purpose.

Above all, during the workshop, I achieved what I had wanted, which was to step out of my comfort zone. My final piece was a definite departure for me and was a direct result of Katie's and you instruction and of my conversation with you (not to mention my own BRILLIANT creativity).

A final note: I think it worked very well to have you and Katie instruct together. Your approaches to instruction and lecture comlimented each other in a way that compelled me to make my own informed decisions. Good call.

Many, many thanks for your time and attention. The experience was one I will not forget and one which will enhance my work for years to come.

All the best,

Eric Singdahlsen
October 2006

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