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The following is an excerpt from a letter from artist and interior designer Donna Brien. Donna never made it to a workshop but she did attend two Talbot lecture-demonstrations and, as her account reveals, she proved to be a quick learner.

Dear Jonathan,

I hope I may call you Jonathan....

Thank you for sending me the two pkgs. of release paper, and for all the help and inspiration I have received from you...

One of my clients needed art on her wall. I decided to finally use the equipment I had purchased [from you] and created a nine piece collage which covered her wall.

I had a simple idea but it got very involved and we all loved it so much! Because I had committed it to the client I took slides and photos. Took it to the local Paterson Museum and will have a show in 2004.

Please know that I have been saving materials since the '80s. No one believed I would ever do anything with them. You gave me the key...

Thanks again,

Donna Brien,
Paterson, NJ

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