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A selection of collages by participants in
Talbot Collage Workshops

All works are © 1997-2009 by the artists who created them and may not be reproduced by any means -
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"Participants in the Collage Techniques & Creative Exploration workshops I lead have produced some wonderful works. I am pleased to present a small selection of them here." 

Jonathan Talbot - 5/12/09

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by Steven Specht
Collage, 3" x 3"

Detail from "Untitled"
by Elisa Ortega
Collage, 10" x 8"

"Lost Time"
by Kaleb Gerlach
Collage, 10½"" x 7½"

"Johnsons Brooklyn"
by Leslie Mueller
Collage, 9" x 6"

by Pat Berlin
Mixed Paper Collage,
11" x 4"

"Woman Trusting her Instincts"
by Dani Antman

"Conspicuous Consumption"
by Lynn Foster
Collage with Drawing and Paint

"Shirley's Barn"
by Ed Giecek
Watercolor and Collage, 15" x 22"

"Man is a Fallen God"
by Juliann Wasisco ("Valobra")
Collage w/ Stamping, 3" x 3"

"One Flew Over Cambodia"
by Kathleen Field
Collage, 4½" x 4½"

"Death Tarot No. 1"
by Sue Mattero
Collage w/ Pastel & Watch Dial,

4 3/8" x 2 5/8" 

by Barbara McCann
Collage, Paint, and Pastel

12" x 9½"

"Illumine" (detail)
by Jenny Taliadoros
Dimensional Collage, 10" x 8"

"Autumn Harbor"
by Sarah McHugh
Construction, 18" x 20"

by Jennifer Zoch Selewach
Collage, 4" x 4"
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