Warnell on New Media

In an e-mail to me new media artist Ted Warnell kindly responded to my questions by explaining some of what "new media" is about. Part of what Ted wrote follows. - Jonathan Talbot, November 1, 2004


new media: it is about the network, Jonathan --

with the net we can interact man/machine +machine/machine +man/man (always mediated by the machines, of course) -- these pluses come with networking, and for new media artists, for myself, it is about exploration of the pluses.

Our first collaborative effort, Jonathan, involved bringing work from your server into my site (the Room) on my server. A fairly common practise today, but we might be amongst a handful of artists first trying it way back in 1997 -- you've been involved in new media explorations for a while!

New media work may be referred to as Web art, net.art, codework, code poetry... and others. It is recognized in academic literary circles mainly -- e.g., SUNY Buffalo -- http://wings.buffalo.edu/epc but also in the art world -- New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, collects us.

New media art is closely aligned with global avant garde art and literature (mostly lit) -- mail art, Fluxus... and with 'performance art', esp avant garde works by artists like Eduardo Kac, Stellarc, et al.

Programmed (digital) 'code' art is emerging...

-- Ted

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