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Fairfax-Warwick Connection / 2011

I was alone in my studio a couple of days before Thanksgiving of 2011. I had seen a sad movie the night before and was a little "down in the dumps." Then the following heartwarming e-mail from Joseph Kraft arrived. It reminded me why I make art. In early 2012 Joseph and his mother Jean visited my studio. A snapshot taken during that visit appears below the letter - JT, January 2012


November 22, 2011

Dear Jonathan,

My name is Joseph Kraft.  I am 32 years old and I currently live in Fairfax, Virginia.  I grew up in West Orange, New Jersey (home of Thomas Edison's workshop).

My father's name is Morry Kraft.  He served in the Army during World War II in the Philippines.  He was a Golden Gloves boxer and as well painted more than one pin-up girl on the side of the B-52's. 

After the war, he took to flying, having bought himself a biplane.  He had the plane for many years.  When I was 9 he would tell me about his flying adventures.  His stories always made me smile.

My father passed when I turned 11. When I was 13, my mother, Jean Kraft, and I attended an auction with your etching "NIGHT FLIGHT" under a spotlight.  I told her that that was the one I wanted.  She gave me the go ahead.  I bid on the etching until I owned it.

Until I was 19 it hung in my room while I stared into the clouds under the whispering wings of the vessel. I then took off myself.  For 10 years I traveled all over the United States.  North, South, East, West.  If I didn't stay in the state for a while, I at least have traveled through it. 

My free bird journey has ended and I have settled here in Fairfax. After I got everything set up for myself here...  job, vehicle, apartment, network, etc...  my mother came over here to visit me and she brought my etching as a home-warming present.  It is now, once again,  hanging in my room.  Now, when I look at the plane, it reminds me of where we are in relation to the world. 

I just wanted to let you know of my appreciation.

Thank you.

Joseph Kraft

joseph kraft with jean kraft and jonathan talbot
Joseph and Jean Kraft during their visit to my studio
in January of 2012.
Photo: Marsha Talbot

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