Activities in and out of the Studio

Laguna Beach / 2003

When Kathy Coles purchased my 1977 etching "Shoreline" at an auction in November of 2003 she e-mailed me asking for more information about the work. When I provided that information she invited me to visit her and her husband Jerry at their home near Wrightwood, California if I was ever in the neighborhood.

It just so happened that Marsha and I had plans to attend a wedding in Southern California the next weekend. Kathy agreed to meet us in Laguna Beach. Jerry couldn't make it so Kathy brought along along her friend Chuck. The four of us enjoyed a pleasant hour together and I personally inscribed Kathy's impression of "Shoreline."

Above: "Shoreline," etching by Jonathan Talbot, 1977

At Right: Kathy Coles, Jonathan Talbot, Marsha Talbot, Chuck Cowen

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