Encounters with Colleagues

Fernando Heras Castán

Spanish Sculptor Fernando Heras Castan and I first met in Florence, Italy in 2001. We both participated in the Florence Birennial 2001, a duplicious and poorly organized exhibition. Together Fernando and I created a "protest art piece" by supplying the participants in the exhibition with official-looking feedback forms which many of them used used to express their frustration with the Biennial. The organizers, who went by the name of "Artestudio," were in this way forced to face the fact that many of the artists recognized their duplicity. Fernando and I met again in Gijón, Asturias, España in 2007 where we spent a week together exploring the relationship of scultpure and collage. Fernando makes large-scale sculptures of Marble (up to 80 tons). You can see some of Fernando's works here.

Heras Castán and I at the Florence Biennial.
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