Jonathan Talbot
Comments about Presentations
Mesa State College, 2010

In the spring of 2010 Jonathan spent two weeks as a visiting artist at Mesa State College (now Colorado Mesa University) in Grand Junction, Colorado. The visit was organized by Professor Deborah Snider. Excerpts from a letter written by Professor Snider appear below...

"During the week of April 19-23, Jonathan gave nine presentations in my classes, ranging in topic from Arts-Centered and Alternative Art Education; Technical Aspects of Collage; Mixed-Media Applications (including fabric); Business and Marketing aspects of being an artist; Math, Computers & Art; and Art History and the Applied Arts. His audiences were comprised of students, faculty, administrators, and community members..."

"He also presented three evening events: Women& Art: Responding to the Glass Ceiling; Collage: Medium and Metaphor; and he acted as the moderator for a community panel of local artists working in mixed-media, collage, and assemblage. I can state, without exageration, that our department has never enjoyed such breadth of response to our programs, especially from the community-at-large."

"Without reservation, I would... recommend him to other collegiate institutions and community arts agencies as a gifted artist, elegant spokesman, and passionate advocate for the arts."snider signature
Deborah K. Snider

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