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COLLAGE: A NEW APPROACH / 5th Edition by Jonathan Talbot / $10 each. Among the topics discussed in the expanded 5th edition of Jonathan's book on collage techniques are: Collage Without Liquid Adhesives / Advanced "Ironing-On" Techniques / "Paperless" Image Transfer / The Removal of Adhered Elements / Substitution of PVA Adhesive for Acrylic Medium / Substrates for Collages / Varnishes which Inhibit Fading of Modern Inks / Archival Issues / Mounting, Matting, & Framing / Drawing Thin Lines with Paint / Sources of Tools and Materials. There is also an extensive list of books on collage. Indexed. / Availability: In Stock / If you want Jonathan to sign or dedicate your copy to you or someone else just let us know when you place your order. -- MT 12.3.2017

COLLAGE: UN ENFOQUE NUEVO por Jonathan Talbot / $10 each. Ahora el libro arriba está tambien disponible en Español. Para saber mas haga clic aqui -- Jonathan 2017 / Availability: In Stock. -- MT 12.06.17

ACRYLIC IMAGE TRANSFER: A HANDBOOK FOR ARTISTS by Jonathan Talbot with Jessica Lawrence / 1st Edition / $10 each. Among the topics discussed in this new book written by Jonathan Talbot with Jessica Lawrence are: An Overview of the Process / Preliminary Questions / About Acrylic Mediums / Preparing the Receiving Surface / About Acrylic Image Transfer Paper / Creating the Transfer / Regarding the Orientation of the Image / Adhering the Transfer / Removing the Paper / Coating the Transfer / Creating Hand-Colored Transfers / An Alternative Acrylic Image Transfer Method / Tiling Large Transfers / Archival Concerns / Varnishing & Glazing / Sources of Materials. / Indexed. Availability: In Stock. If you want Jonathan to sign or dedicate your copy to you or someone else just let us know when you place your order. -- MT 12.3.2017

THE COLLAGES OF JONATHAN TALBOT by Deborah K. Snider with an essay by Andrew Marvick / 1st Edition / $$24.95 each. Professor Snider’s book offers an in-depth view of Jonathan Talbot’s creative process and work. The book features full-page color reproductions of thirty-three Talbot collages accompanied by commentaries written by the artist. Included is a 16-page interview in which Talbot discusses his artistic development, his creative process, what inspires him, the innovative techniques he has developed, and more. Also included is an essay by art historian Andrew Marvick which explores the history of collage and Talbot's place in it. The book’s appendix contains lists of: the materials used in the works, selected solo and group exhibitions, publications containing reproductions of Talbot collages, and public collections which Talbot works. / Availability: In Stock. If you want Jonathan to sign or dedicate your copy to you or someone else just let us know when you place your order. -- MT 12.3.2017

TACKING IRON / $22.50 each. This Tacking Iron with a curved sole is ideal for collage-making. Figures 1a and 1b indicate how such the iron, because of the curved tip, can be tilted so that one can iron large or small areas as desired. Variable Temperature Control, Wooden Handle, and Non-stick Coated Surface / Availability: In Stock. (Note: this iron replaces the one mentioned in the book which was printed before this iron became available).

RELEASE PAPER / package of 30 sheets each 8 1/2 inches by 11 1/2 inches. / $15 per package. Used to keep collage materials from sticking to the iron during the "ironing down" process: It can also be used to separate coated materials while they are being stored and for art and book conservation. Our newest release paper is medium weight, semi-transparent, reusable, and long-lasting. Availability: In Stock. .

ORIGINAL ACRYLIC IMAGE TRANSFER PAPER for laser printers and toner-based copiers / package of 50 sheets each 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. / $12.50 per package. Used for the "paperless" transfer of photocopied images, this paper washes away much more easily and completely than standard copy paper. Designed to be used with laser printers and toner-based copiers, it is guaranteed to withstand the high fuser temperature of newer photocopiers. Instructions for paperless image transfer are enclosed in each package. Specify "Original Transfer Paper" in your order. Availability: In Stock. . To learn more about how this product is used Click Here.

HOT STAMPING FOIL - USED / Package of at least 10 square feet of varied pieces of metallic hot-stamping foil, predominantly gold but with some other colors mixed in. / $6 per package. This hot-stamping foil has been used which means there are letters and designs which have been removed leaving blank spaces through which the surface to which it is applied shows through. Letters are most often in English but there is usually some Hebrew and some Asian calligraphy and book binding designs as well. Availability: In Stock. .

ANTIQUE PAPERS FOR COLLAGE / Package of at least 20 sheets of assorted antique papers from the 1700s & 1800s. / $15 per package. These 100% cotton papers are primarily book pages with black and white text although sometimes images are also included. The languages vary and include latin, german, french, italian, english, and more. The sizes range from 6" x 4.5" to 12" x 9". Availability: In Stock. .

SAFE RELEASE MASKING TAPE / 2" wide by 36 yds long. / $15 per roll. Once again we are able to offer 3M Safe Release masking tape. This tape has the same qualities as 3M 2070 which is mentioned in Jonathan's book but is no longer available. Used to mask areas and margins of works in progress and to hold collage items in place temporarily. Because of its unique adhesive, this tape will not damage even the delicate surfaces of cold-press watercolor papers and fragile collage elements and its adhesion doews not increase when heated. Availability: In Stock. .

THE ARTIST'S MARKETING & ACTION PLAN WORKBOOK by Jonathan Talbot with Geoffrey Howard / / CLOSEOUT! - Price Reduced to $7.00 each. This is a workbook, a book to write in. While it is somewhat dated because it was written before the internet became so important, its basic structure is still valid. This workbook will help you become more skilled at selling your work and making money doing it! When you have finished the exercises in this book, you will have a personalized, step-by-step marketing and action plan for selling your work. Availability: In Stock. .



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