Making "Portrait" with José Carrasco

Creating Artwork for a Movie

In the spring of 2005 Spanish director/film maker José Carrasco contacted JT to create artwork for a short (cortometraje) he was filming about an artist. For a couple of very intense weeks José and JT worked together on the project. The result is José's film "Portrait." Here are some snapshots taken during the making of the film. At left: José and JT at our first meeting on Prince Street in New York. Photo: © Marsha Talbot

At right: Monolo Lopez of Granada, Spain holds the mike during a sound rehearsal at Port of Call Gallery in Warwick, NY. In the background: JT's collage painting "ERZ9M Patrin." Photo: © Frank Weigel
  At left: Actor Jason Asprey at JT's easel. The portrait he is painting will later be destroyed. Photo: © Frank Weigel
At right: Director of Photography Miklos Buk shoots some closeups of one of the pieces JT created especially for the movie. Phtography Assistant Nicola Benizzi looks on. Photo: © Jonathan Talbot  

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