Greenwich Village: Richie Havens, Bob Dylan and more

Richie Havens and JT laugh as they recall Richie's first motorcycle ride on the back of JT's Norton Dominator 600 twin in 1964. Photo taken in 2006

The years 1959-1963 were unsettled but exciting years for JT. When not in Europe or on the road with some Spanish Dance troupe, he spent much of this time, using the stage name Juan Moreno, playing flamenco guitar in Greenwich Village. JT's first gig was at the Village Gate where he shared the stage, and the dressing room, with famous blues artist Lightning Hopkins. JT went on to become a "fixture" at the infamous Cafe Rafio where he worked with beat poet Ted Joans, singer-songwriter Rusty Evans, Guyanese singer/actor Ram John Holder, and Dino Valente. He also played other Village venues including the Gaslight and the Bizarre and MC'd the afternoon hootnannies at the Cafe Wha? where he became friendly with Richie Havens, Bob Dylan, José Feliciano, and many other now-famous performers. During those years JT also played Gerde's Folk City where he opened for blues-great John Lee Hooker, The Second Fret in Philadelphia on the bill with Doc Watson, Miriam Makeba, and others, and a number of other folk clubs from Florida to Boston to Los Angeles.

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