1960 - London: The Troubadour

The Troubadour in 1960
photo by F. Lukacs

In 1960s London, one could rent reclining beach chairs in some of the parks for a minimal fee. Knowing no one and having limited resources during his first days in London, JT slept in the parks during the day and stayed up all night. Eventually he was introduced to the Troubadour Coffee House in Earls Court and found modest "digs" (tenpence in the gas meter) not far away on Westgate Terrace.

The Troubadour was a "happening" place in London in those days. There JT met poet Robert Graves, actress Anneke Wills, and classical guitarist and lutenist Julian Bream who sometimes, when he stopped by for lunch, played the Sobrino Esteso guitar JT owned at the time. Being at the Troubadour also put JT in touch with with folks who opposed nuclear weapons and he marched that year in the Aldermaston March.

The Troubadour had weekly Spanish Music Nights and when JT (professionally known as Juan Moreno) was not playing himself he enjoyed the music of others including guitarist David Rubio who went on to become one of of the world's great guitar and harpsichord makers.

More information about The Troubadour in the 1960s can be found here.

JT at the Troubadour
in his sombrero cordobese

Photographer Unknown


JT at the Troubadour with Anneke Wills.
Anneke had already appeared in the BBC's
The Railway Children
and would go on to make
her mark as Polly in Doctor Who.
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