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"The Spanish Years": 1959-1963
Using the stage-name Juan Moreno, JT performs as a flamenco guitar soloist and accompanist for Spanish dance companies. Performs widely including at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto and on Radio Nacional d'Espaņa in Barcelona. Plays at The Village Gate in New York's Greenwich Village where he shares the bill with Lightining Hopkins.


Juan Moreno,
Barcelona, Spain 1960
JT lives in Granada and Barcelona in Spain where he studies and plays flamenco guitar. Performs on Radio Nacional d'Espaņa and meets famous guitarists Manuel Cano and Narcisso Yepes. Also lives in Marseilles, France where he works as a crewmember on the Verona, a 180 ft. barquentine, and appears in the movie Fanny with Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, and Horst Buckholz. Lives in London, England where he works at The Troubadour in Earl's Court. There he is friendly with noted guitarist and instrument maker David Rubio and meets actress Anneke Wills, lute and guitar player Julian Bream, and author Robert Graves.
JT returns to US and performs at numerous Greenwich Village venues including The Village Gate (where JT shares the bill with Lightining Hopkins), Folk City (where he shares the bill with John Lee Hooker), and the Gaslight (where JT accompanies Bill Cosby and becomes friends with Tom Paxton). JT also serves as master of ceremonies at the Cafe Wha? where he is friendly with Bob Dylan and Richie Havens. Becomes friends with Chris and Timberlake Wertenbaker.
Returns to Spain, this time to Seville where he works on the filming of the movie version of Lawrence of Arabia. Travels north to meet Chris and Timberlake in Edinburgh, Scotland. Travels from Scotland to France where he lives briefly in Mirabel in the Ardeche region. Returns to Spain.
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