Collage Without Liquid Adhesives
5th Edition
by Jonathan Talbot
This book describes a new technique, developed by the author, which makes it possible to adhere collage elements without liquid adhesives. This technique eliminates wrinkling and drying time from collage-making, offering new opportunities for creative spontaneity.

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Among the topics discussed in the expanded 5th Edition of COLLAGE: A NEW APPROACH are:

  • Collage Without Liquid Adhesives
  • Advanced "Ironing-On" Techniques
  • "Paperless" Image Transfer
  • The Removal of Adhered Elements
  • Substitution of PVA Adhesive for Acrylic Medium
  • Substrates for Collages
  • Using Photocopies in Collage
  • Varnishes which Inhibit Fading of Modern Inks
  • Making Long-Lasting Collages
  • Planning for Change
  • Mounting, Matting, & Framing
  • Drawing Thin Lines with Paint
  • Sources of Tools and Materials
  • Collage Websites
  • Other Books on Collage
  • and More
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